Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Help a ♥ - National Heart Month

Since February is National Heart Month, its time you all nominated your hero - someone who helps you out or someone that has a big heart caring for others, or anyone you love! By nominating your hero you stand the chance of winning a huge Healthy Heart Warming Hamper to show them how much they mean to you. The Help: a Heart campaign is now in week 3, after a very successful launch. I want you all to get involved with this I think it is fabulous!

Week Two's winner was Nicolla Bishop.
"I nominate my friend and work colleague Nicki. We work with people with dementia and absolutely love it despite it's challenges. Nicki is someone that always goes above and beyond. She spends a lot of her own time taking people with dementia out and running fabulous activities for them- like baking classes. She's a single mum and has a lot of problems in her personal life but never fails to make everyone else happy."
Get involved by... Leave a comment on the campaign blog HERE.

Tweet at www.twitter.com/HelpaHeart , using the hash tag #HelpaHeart in the tweet.

Write on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HelpaHeart

If you do nominate someone I would love it if you could comment on any of my Help A Heart posts, as I would love to read who your hero is.

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