Sunday, 13 February 2011

Clinique Foundation Guide: Even Better ♥

This series is long over due, but I just hadn't got round to it *slaps wrist*. Over the next week I will be showing you some of the foundation that Clinique offers and letting you know what I think about them. First up is Cliniques Even Better..

This is another Clinique foundation launched that has 
incorporated some of their skin care treatment into the make-up so that your skin was benefiting more from it. Even Better Makeup  is a lovely lightweight and oil-free formulation, it is Clinique’s first dermatologist developed makeup that helps restore uneven skin tone and using the treatment from their Even better range is will help to diminish the look of discolouration with continued use.

 Hyperpigmentation is a common first sign of ageing caused from sun damage or acne scarring and is usually seen in the form of age spots, brown spots and dark patches. Clinique has tackled this skin care concern with the successful launch of Even Better Skin Tone Corrector, clinically proven to help address the look of skin discolouration, providing results across all skin tones.

I used this for 2 weeks, along with Cliniques Even Better corrector something that was already part of my skin routine. Over the two weeks I found that my skin became a lot more even in terms of my colouring. Now for anyone who suffers from specifically bad pigmentation you definitely need to use it for longer but I have no doubt that with prolonged use you would see it aiding the treatment products you use.

This is a medium to full coverage, however you are able to sheer it down by mixing a little bit of your moisturiser with it. I find for dryer skin it works better if you mix it with a little   moisturiser as it helps to make it more suitable for your skin like that.

The foundation really does pack a punch with an antioxidant cocktail of ingredients with highly active Vitamin C complex that will help to diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone instead giving you a brighter complexion. Combined with Vitamin E, mushroom yeast extract, natural grapefruit peel and white birch extracts, these powerful ingredients work together to help break up and reduce the appearance of existing uneven skin tone, all while helping skin to prevent future discolouration. 

It also has a broad spectrum SPF of 15 so it will help to protect the skin from daily sun exposure

I loved this foundation for my normal/combo skin, it kept my oily areas at bay creating a satin finish to the skin. It lasted all day, I set it with some of Cliniques blended face powder and I found that throughout the day I had no need to touch up or add any extra make-up to control shine.

(sorry for the small picture it is a little blurred but I wanted to show you how flawless my skin is with this)

Clinique Even Better Foundation, 30ml £21


Justine (Productrater) said...

I got this recently and I love it, does not bother my dry skin, although it was troublesome finding the right colour for me since I am very fair and the lightest is a big dark even. Great review.

Nikki said...

Great review! I also loved this foundation! But I found the coverage a little heavy for me. I prefer the superbalanced at the moment! :D

BeautyBunnie101 said...

ohhh I just went out and bought this because of your fab review! Which is the best way to apply this? Brush? fingers? or BB sponge?