Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Guest Post from Liz Earle ♥

Today I am absolutely thrilled to bring you a wonderful guest post from the lovely Liz Earle, when I was asked whether I would like to do this I jumped at the chance and said yes! I was a little shocked to find out she read my blog, I think she is wonderful. So here she is to share some spring skin care tips...

Dear MakeupLoveer readers!

I’m so honoured that I have been invited to share my spring skin tips with you all! I hope that my
advice will help you achieve complexion perfection ready for spring!

It’s time to wave goodbye to the dull days of winter and welcome the joy of spring with a clean,
fresh and blemish-free complexion.

Skin breakouts are not just a teenage problem. Spots can affect skin at any age and can be triggered
by many different factors, including hormones, genetics and environmental changes including
seasonal transitions. A careful skincare routine is an important step to help get spot-prone skin
under control and solve your seasonal skincare woes. Radiantly healthy, glowing skin is a great
confidence booster, but as the seasons change many of us can suffer from breakouts. As spring
is finally here, give your skin a little extra TLC by choosing the right skincare, eating an anti-
inflammatory diet and taking skin loving supplements.

Nourishing foods are a must if you want healthy, radiant skin – and the good news is that the whole
body benefits too. Great skin feeders include fruits, vegetables, mixed nuts and seeds which are a
power-house of energy and nutrients, bursting with skin-improving protein, essential fatty acids,
vitamins and minerals. I also try to include skin friendly vitamin E-rich foods in my diet as it is a
powerful natural antioxidant which works to optimise moisture levels and improve skin appearance,
helping to delay skin ageing by fighting free radical damage. Herbal teas can have a great detoxifying
and purifying effect on the skin also, particularly nettle, fennel and dandelion.

On top of a great skincare routine and healthy diet, increased water intake can also help hydrate
the skin. Try sipping 6-8 large glasses of water a day – use fresh lemon, cucumber sticks or fresh
root ginger to flavor. I also swear by natural source vitamin E food supplement capsules, a powerful
source of the skin saving antioxidant and very effective at supporting and repairing your skin from
within. Look for the words ‘natural source’ on the pack, as these are almost three times as potent as
the synthetic type.

Although it can be hard to motivate yourself during the chilly early spring months, exercise is every
bit as important for your skin as good food and skincare. It increases blood flow which delivers
nutrients and oxygen supplies to the skin. The benefits – pink cheeks, sparkling eyes and a radiant
glow – are instantly visible and the good news is you don’t need to spend hours in the gym. A brisk
walk in the fresh air will help to clear your mind and leave you with healthy, glowing skin.

Tip: There are some great ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. One of my favourites
is Kettle-boiling stretches. Do these in the morning while the kettle boils... They take two to five
minutes, depending on how long you hold for.
1. Face the wall or door, with your feet about 25cm away from the base. Without leaning on it,
stretch your arms up and press your hands into the wall. Working up from your feet, feel your body
stretch and align itself: press your tailbone and shoulder blades towards the wall, squeeze your
outer elbows towards each other, and stretch your palms and fingers up. Keep your breathing soft
and your jaw relaxed.
2. Stand facing a chair, hands on hips. Put your right heel on the chair seat. Straighten your left-
standing- leg by pressing the thigh back. Let the right leg stretch from hip to heel. Hold for 15
seconds and swap. Do each side twice.
3. Stand by a work top with your hands flat on it, shoulder width apart. Walk your legs slowly back
and straighten your arms out until your back is almost parallel with the floor. Your head should be
between your arms. You can feel your trunk begin to stretch and your spine realign itself. To help

the process, press your thighs back, tuck your tailbone and shoulder blades in, squeeze your elbows
towards each other and press your hands down. Keep your breathing soft and your neck and jaw
relaxed. Walk towards your hands to come back up.

I hope my tips will help you achieve clear, radiant skin for spring!

Best wishes,


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Oh my gooooodness :) This is fabulous and exactly why I follow you for so long. Thank you to Liz Earle for all these tips

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