Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Karin Herzog ♥

I have talked about Karin Herzog products before, the oxygen body cream is one of my all time favourite body lotions and one I have repurchased many many times. This time I want to show you two skincare products that I have fallen in deep fluttery love with.

This is a very delicious cleanser, as much as I do want to eat it when I massage this into my skin I obviously don't, but it smells SO nice literally like chocolate. Karin Herzog did a great job creating an authentic scent, I cannot stand overtly sickly chemically chocolate scents. It definitely is a dream to apply, and helps to relax after a stressful day.

Sometimes I'll admit taking my make-up off is a chore, but when I use this I can't wait. Mainly due to the chocolatey goodness.

It is an oil based cleanser and it just melts all traces of make-up, including all my eye make-up and mascara with no irritation to my eyes. The cleasner really digs deep into my pores to pull out any dirt or grime from the day. After washing the cleanser off my skin is baby butt soft  and smells good enough to eat. I really like that the chocolate scent lingers for a little while.

Next up for inspection is the essential face mask, described as a face-lift in a tube, it is an anti-ageing mask it works by tightening the skin and leaves you absolutely glowing. It has very fresh fruity scent to it with mandarin, bilberry, grapefruit and orange. I love this but as it is a little pricey I try to use it sparingly, however when I do treat my skin to this luxury my skin feels a lot firmer and hydrated.

This is a really great at home facial alternative.

Both excellent products that I highly recommend. Let me know if you have tried these or any other products from Karin Herzog.

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