Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Limecrime Primer & Magic Dust ♥

Limecrime launched their new eye primer a while ago and they kindly sent me it to try. I immediately wanted to compare this to my favourite UDPP to see how it would match up. I used a couple of their magic dusts to demonstrate just to keep it all from Limecrime.

Limecrime describe their new eye shadow primer as: 

"No other primers work for you? Meet your new BFF: the Eyeshadow Helper! Formulated to withstand extreme heat, moisture and even the oiliest of eyelids, this primer is guaranteed to keep your eyeshadow on - in fact, our lab says you will need waterproof remover just to get it off!"
Claiming you need a waterproof remover, that is can withstand heat and the oiliest of eyelids is all great on paper, but does this translate when you use it? I thought I would put them to test but applying it along with the shadows, and then next to it apply the shame shadows but with UDPP. The plan was to leave it for a few hours, go about my daily business and then see how both sets held up.
So on the far left is the primer on its own, it is a neutral shade just like many other primers, very creamy and smooth to apply. It is a little thicker than others that I have tried, slightly more tacky to touch too which I have found is great for pigments as it grabs the products better.
In the middle is the UDPP with the shadows and on the right is the Limecrime primer with their shadows.

Looking at both sets, you can see a difference immediately, the UDPP has really picked up the individual shimmer but it looks a little powdery. The Limecrime on the other hand has really grabbed the powder and given a nice smooth even finish. So I think if I were using shimmery/glitter based eye shadows I would still stick with UDPP just because it shows that better.

I think the Limecrime primer would be great if you have loose shadows that you want to use as a liner, instead of mixing them with MAC Fix + as it is definitely going to make it look and last longer.

So after a good half day, running errands, doing dishes, washing my hands and a nap how did they hold up?

You can still see the colours very faintly on the left, it isn't showing very well in the picture but in real life you can still see them but very faded. With the Limecrime primer this has blown me away, they certainly aren't as intense but to have made it through a very tough challenge ( I deliberately did so many things with my hands to really push the claims) and still look like that is pretty damn good. Impressive!

So what does this mean for my other eye primers? I think I will still use my UDPP but for different things, as I still think it is better for shimmery and glittery colours. But Limecrime has come up trumps and I will be using this a lot more. I feel bad for letting this sit in my drawer for 3 weeks thinking nothing could beat my UDPP, how wrong was I.

The Limecrime magic dusts are great products too, these colours are great for creating a sultry smokey eye, the pale cream is Nympth and the red/brown shade is gorgeous shot through with blue when it hits certain lights truely a gorgeous shade. 

Let me know if you have tried either and what you think.

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