Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NARS Spring 2011 ♥

NARS' spring 2011 collection really stood out for from a lot of brands, and I have two of the lovely products to show you today. I have already talked about the lipstick Tzigane, but I also want to show you the Hollywood soft touch shadow pencil.

So this was the first NARS lip product that I have tried, I have always heard mixed reviews when it comes to their lipsticks and glosses, it seems to be a love hate relationship for some people. But this lipstick for me is pure love, this is a step out of my comfort zone it is a little darker than what I usually go for. It is one of those your lips but better kind of colours, which you can wear sheer or layer it for a more opaque look. 

It is is creamy lipstick, not matte but not glossy, almost the kind of finish you get if you apply a little lip balm. Does that make sense? Very natural looking. Perfect for pairing with a colourful eye, it would be a good pairing for any of the duos from the spring collection.

Next up is the Hollywood soft touch shadow pencil, I had read a few reviews of these pencils saying the crease a lot and weren't worth picking up. I have to say if you are going to use these as a base then dont, they will crease. However they work lovely on their own for a sheer shimmery wash of colour to the eyes, or it is also lovely as a highlight to your brow bone or cheeks. I have been wearing it all over my eyes with a little brown eye liner, as you can see below.

Left to right
Hollywood eye pencil, Lipstick sheer & build up with 2/3 layers

I need some recommendations for other NARS lip products, leave them below.

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Jess said...

I've never tried any NARS products but I've heard so many good reviews about them. I love the lipstick colour you swatched.